The founders and general partners of 468 Capital collectively bring a strong foundation in tech investing and business building. Their experience spans nearly two decades, with a track record of incubating major internet technology businesses, securing substantial funding and making successful investments in early-stage tech companies.

Their areas of expertise cover a wide spectrum, including AI, automation, topics related to energy transition and climate, infrastructure and enterprise software, and digital consumer and prosumer sectors. This seasoned team’s diverse skill sets and impressive achievements make 468 Capital a trusted and capable partner in the world of tech investment.

Investment themes

AI & Automation

We invest in businesses using AI to automate tasks and processes at scale – be it in the office or on the factory floor.

Energy Transition & Climate

We invest in technology that will power the electrification of our grid – batterie value chain, grid and energy management innovations, and breakthrough technologies in the fields of clean energy

Infrastructure & Enterprise Software

We invest in software that empowers, enhances, and safeguards the way large organizations operate, enabling them to streamline their processes and achieve their objectives – including OSS, DevOps/ML Ops, and cybersecurity.

Prosumer & Consumer

We invest in fast-growing, scalable businesses with innovative products that address the needs of end users – including SaaS, marketplaces and brands

Leadership team

Alexander Kudlich

General Partner

Ludwig Ensthaler

General Partner

Florian Leibert

General Partner